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In the era of unlimited data connections and work from wherever you are has made life much easier to live and the advantage of this resource is that you can keep your work in progress while you are working on something else. All you need is a management and skill set to manage the whole part of your work instantly. So, why not use this to earn and be what you want? Why not put some effort and be the luxury that you dream of? All you need is to put this effort and discipline in the right direction and you could be buying a luxury while earning the capital you are investing to live that dream. How is that possible? We are here to provide you a skill set which you can use to gain the possibility to reach the life of your dreams.

What is Snd Traders Live Mentorship Program?

Trading has always been considered a challenging career. You need proper knowledge if you are willing to be a profitable trader. To help you with that, we have developed a well-developed and perfectly organized SnD Traders Live Mentorship Program that will help you to learn about the Forex market from scratch and in the most SiMPLEST way.

This program aims to make you an SnD trader with perfect knowledge of how and when to enter/exit the trade and book big profits. After completion of this program, you will be able to book consistent profits from the Forex markets if you follow the right process.

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₹ 12,499/-


SnD Traders Recorded Course Program

The SnD Traders Recorded Program aims to help you learn and apply the knowledge and skills of a professional trader, with the potential for profitable outcomes. It encompasses numerous strategies and Smart Money Concept (SMC) suitable for various financial markets and trading styles, including the foreign exchange market, and commodities, covering intraday and swing trading.

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Snd Traders Both Programs Content:

  • Basics of Forex Market
  • Basics of Fundamentals
  • Types of Traders & Style 
  • Theory Of Candles
  •  Advanced Candle Sticks Pattern
  • Basic  price Action
  • Advanced Price Action(SMC)
  • Manipulation of market
  • Intraday pro Setup For High Winning Rate
  • Identifying Trends
  • Risk Management
  • Trader’s Journaling 
  • Trading System
  • BOS Theory
  • CHoCH Theory
  • Inducement Liquidity Theory
  • Advanced Structure of Market
  • Discount And Premium
  • Distribution & Accumulation
  • Liquidity Identification
  • Session Trading
  • Daily Bias 
  • Advanced Liquidity
  • Proper Entry & Exit
  • Special & Advanced Entry Modules
  • All to Putt Gather 

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