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About Me

Success Bulls Academy was founded by Bhupendra, I (Bhupendra) start my journey as trader with over 6 years of experience, including 5 years as a full-time trader with a background as a student in computer science. As a background of computer science, I was interested in wealth of knowledge and financial markets.

I did Master in Computer Science from IFTM University, Moradabad (India).

I undertake specialized in Smart Money concept courses and engaged in extensive
self-directed study to stay at the forefront of the TRADiNG industry. Driven by my passion for trading and technical analysis, I leverage comprehensive expertise to assist others in achieving their TRADiNG goals. With Success Bull Academy, you can gain access to a trusted partner who combines years of practical experience with a commitment to helping traders succeed.

I am professional Mentor from Last 4 years.

I (Bhupendra) firsthand experience has positioned him to share these valuable
lessons with aspiring traders, offering them a shortcut to their own trading journeys
while helping them avoid common mistakes driven by a lack of knowledge and frustration.

Having mentored a diverse group of individuals, my mission is to demystify TRADiNG, empowering enthusiasts to navigate the markets with confidence. Beyond PROFiT, my commitment lies in cultivating a community of informed traders who understand the nuances of this dynamic landscape.

My Commitment to You:

    • Personalized mentoring tailored to your unique TRADiNG goals and learning style.

    • Comprehensive TRADiNG education with a focus on technical analysis and real-life strategies.

    • Insights into the psychological and emotional aspects of TRADiNG, enhancing your decision-making skills.

    • Expert in SMC and Achieve the goal

Thank You !